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Mark your calendars!

The 9th annual Ontario Barn Festival will be held Saturday, September 5th. Mark the date!

Photos of the very successful 2014 Ontario Barn Festival can be found on our Facebook page. The festival features all day live music, BBQ, arts & crafts, promotion of solar energy, free ice cream and face painting and lots of fun for the entire family!

Ontario Barn Festival  
  OBF Themes
  Live Bluegrass Live Bluegrass, Roots, and Alternative music
  Crafts Sale of homemade arts and crafts
  BBQ Chicken BBQ
  Solar Promotion of solar home building


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Waitin' On A Train

The 2014 Ontario Barn Festival featured the following artists:

Waitin' on a Train - About Waitin on a Train
Zydeco Vacation - About Zydeco Vacation
Barry's Crossing - About Barry's Crossing
The Younger Gang - AboutThe Younger Gang
Cottage Pickers - About Cottage Pickers
The Geneseo String Band - About The Genesso String Band
The Linabelle Bluegrass Band - About The Linabelle Bluegrass Band
Watkins & the Rapiers - About Watkins & the Rapiers

A Tribute to Norman Hasman


Waitin' on a Train
Waitin on a Train
"...Waitin On A Train embodies the spirit of creativity as they, despite paying homage to an earlier time and sound, can craft songs as timeless and unique as the ones they cover....." Rick Noll - Bona Fide Records

"...I am most impressed with the amount of energy put into their performance. The instruments are played hard and the vocals often reach a fevered pitch.....
" Walt Crider - President, Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association



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Zydeco Vacation
Zydeco Vacation

Members of "Zydeco Vacation" have been recognized by and performed at events alongside some of Louisiana's most legendary entertainers, including "Buckwheat Zydeco" "Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas", "Beau Soleil" and "Terence Simien." "Zydeco Vacation" is slowly but surely becoming one of the country's most sought after "Zyde-Cajun" experiences. Combining virtuosic blues accordion with the age old scrub board, once this dance party gets cookin', it becomes a good old-fashioned Louisiana donkey-straw party.

In true New Orleans fashion, Mardi-Gras beads are tossed out while the band takes its listeners with them on the "Zydeco-Tequila dance train"!

Don't miss the high-energy and New Orleans-flavored "Zydeco Vacation."


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Barry's Crossing
Barry's Crossing

Barry's Crossing - the next generation of traditional Irish music! They have preformed their unique "traditional-with-a-twist" Irish music from Albany to Toronto, with their base right here in Rochester, New York.  Sean has played Irish fiddle since the age of 5 and now plays a plethora of different instruments as well.  Sarah, a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, has developed her love for Irish music upon meeting Sean.


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The Younger Gang
The Younger Gang
Members Michelle Younger - Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals Brad Sheffield - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjo, Vocals Ryan Yarmel - Bass, Vocals Jimmy Grillo - Drums, Vocals. Genre Americana, Old-Time, Country, Bluegrass. Hometown Rochester, NY

"This Rochester-based folk outfit brings together members of the Windsor Folk Family, RootsCollider, Blackened Blues, and Sparx and Yarms. The resulting amalgamation is a deeply affecting foray into what you could call neo-Americana. The band's unique approach to Old-timey Appalachian tunes is positively informed by, and infused with, the members' rock, blues, funk, and electronica pedigrees. It's a distinct breed of folk music that is, despite a healthy respect for its roots, absolutely modern."
-David Yokel (City Magazine)



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Cottage Pickers
Cottage Pickers

High energy bluegrass from Rochester, New York. Four seasoned, acoustic musicians with a passion for bluegrass, irish, folk, cajun, country, Americana and a variety of other styles. Howie Lester - Fiddle, Brian Sheldon - Guitar, Mark Martin - Bass, Brian Tomaszewski - Banjo.


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Genesso String Band

Jim Kimball leads the group which consists of students, faculty and friends of SUNY Geneseo. They play traditional Americana as well as Irish tunes rich in history.


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The Linabelle Bluegrass BanD
The Linabelle Bluegrass BanD

Ron Perry and his band of roots and bluegrass musicians, include fiddle, bass, guitar and mandolin. Keeping it local with old time tunes. Members of band are: Chuck Keymal on Banjo, Bill Keenan on Bass, Ron Perry on Mandolin, Nancy Perry on Guitar and Trudy Fagan on Fiddle.

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Watkins & the Rapiers
Watkins & the Rapiers

From their website: "We play mostly original music, written by the band’s four songwriters.  It’s Americana music, folk music with a beat, exploring many genres, rather than calculating a sound to fit a marketing category."


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Norman Hasman & Friends old Time Country & Bluegrass
Norman Hasman & Friends Old Time Country and Bluegrass

Norman Hasman was a wonderful gentleman and WWII air force hero.  For each of the last 5 years, Norman's bluegrass & old time country band opened our Ontario Barn Festival and he was an invaluable supporter of this Festival, refusing to take a dime for his efforts or performances.

We were so saddened when we received the call on the afternoon of July 5, 2014 that Norman accidentally flipped his small plane near his air strip. Just a few months earlier, he had told me during a phone conversation that he had given up flying.  But I guess later, he reconsidered and he re-passed his tests and must have decided he still needed to fly.  It was a sunny, somewhat gusty summer day when Norman was caught by the wind and left the planet.  A fitting way to go for a man who was twice shot down, captured and escaped from Nazis and a man who lived a wonderful life always being gracious to other people and always enjoyed entertaining us.  We will miss Norman and we'll celebrate him always, especially at this year's 8th annual Ontario Barn Festival, which he was once again scheduled to open....

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